Windows has revealed that Windows 10 will be available on 29 July 2015, but initially only for PCs and tablets.

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The announcement was made earlier today by Executive Vice President of Operating Systems, Terry Myerson. You can ask Cortana to tell you the release date if you are already running the Windows 10 Insider Preview or you can listen to it here. Myerson explained that over four million Windows Insiders have done extensive testing and provided feedback and recommendations and that the company is “nearly ready to deliver this free upgrade to all of [their] Windows customers“. According to Myerson there are 1.5 billion Windows-user across 190 countries and the new update was designed to give a great-user experience. Myerson also confirmed that this is the most secure Windows update ever, stating that:

[This new upgrade] provides the most secure platform ever, including Windows Defender for free anti-malware protection, and being the only platform with a commitment to deliver free ongoing security updates for the supported lifetime of the device.

Windows 10 2

The upgrade to Windows 10 will be available for anyone running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and users have a year to download the new upgrade. Although the new upgrade will initially only be rolled out on the 29th for PCs and tablets, Myerson stated that it will be available for the following devices eventually (no other details were given as to dates):

  • Windows phones;
  • Xbox One;
  • Microsoft HoloLens;
  • Windows for the Internet of Things; and
  • Microsoft Surface Hub.