YouTube has confirmed in an official blog post that it will be launching an independent channel specifically for gaming, calling it YouTube Gaming.

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YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming will be an all-new website and app dedicated to games and the gaming community. The website will feature videos, live streams and aims to bring the online gaming community together in one, easily accessible place. YouTube’s Product Manager, Alan Joyce, states that:

YouTube Gaming is built to be all about your favourite games and gamers, with more videos than anywhere else. From “Asteroids” to “Zelda”, more than 25, 000 games will each have their own page, a single place for all the best videos and live streams about that title. You’ll also find channels from a wide array of game publishers and YouTube creators.

This new venture from YouTube aims to be a place where you can easily access updates on your favourite games, gamers or community. When you subscribe to a channel you will be notified when it starts a live stream. You will be given recommendations which are based on your favourite games and channels and searches will be focused on games, with Joyce stating that:

[W]hen you want something specific, you can search with confidence, know that typing “call” with show you “Call of Duty” and not “Call Me Maybe”.

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Live streams will appear on the YouTube Gaming homepage, with Joyce stating that YouTube aims to launch a better online, live experience that makes it easy to post your gameplay. YouTube has redesigned its system where you don’t have to schedule a live event ahead of time and has created a single link that can be shared on all of your streams. YouTube will carry over its existing features to the new website like a high frame streaming rate at 60fps, DVR and automatic conversion of a stream into a YouTube video.

YouTube will first be rolled-out to the US and the UK later this year.