With the Microsoft Hololens set to revolutionise the augmented reality industry. Ae can’t help but imagine the best ways to use the device. Be it from your own Batcave, to trying on digital clothes in the mirror before you checkout in an online fashion store. Here are 5 ways I would use Hololens:

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Hololens Interior Design

Imagine being able to see what that red carpet would look like in your lounge before you even purchase it? The same goes for furniture, TV stands, even checking out if that beautiful 50” LED will look good mounted on that wall above the fireplace. Imagine a dedicated interior design application that gives you free-will with whatever designs you want. Sure you would have to fire your interior designer, but they are overpriced anyway.

Augmented Animations

Hololens AR

Coffee with John Snow? Sure, load him up and let him walk around your kitchen with you. Kids will love to dance around with Queen Elsa, and men should get a kick from sitting in an actual augmented F1 race car during the Gran Prix. Imagine the possibilities of loading your favourite characters into your world and let them become a virtual pet. I call dibs on the minions, even though I am sure they’ll never shut up and let me work.

Digital Comic Books

Hololens Comics

Reading a book on your Kindle is one thing, but imagine you could just load up a comic book on your desk during lunch and page through it with your hands like it’s really there. The same goes for digital magazines. Page through Elle as your sip your coffee in the morning, or load up the Daily Sun while you do your morning business.



Hololens Batcave

This is just my own imagination going wild here, but I would love my own Batcave. It could be the best way to market upcoming video games and movies by building a location for Hololens users to explore before release. Perform certain actions as the Batman and unlock in-game content, solve a DNA strand and build your own T-Rex in hype for Jurassic World.

Fashion Catalogue

Hololens Fashion

Hate trying on clothes in a clothes store? Stand in front of a mirror with Hololens and browse through a catalogue of online skirts, jackets, hats, shoes, you name it. Try them on and see exactly how you would look with them on. Like them? Just purchase them.

Drop us a comment and let us know what you’d do with a VR headset.