The day has finally arrived – the Entourage movie has hit Ster-Kinekor and NuMetro Cinemas.

As the movie picks up where the 8-season HBO show left off, you’ll need to catch up on some Entourage episodes before you go see the movie:

1. Season 01 Episode 01: Pilot

To get you started you need to watch the pilot as one of the 8 episodes of Entourage you should watch before the movie. In this first episode you are introduced to Vincent Chase, an up-and-coming Hollywood superstar and his entourage – his two best friends, Eric aka E and Turtle as well as his older brother, Johnny Drama. You are also introduced to Vinny‘s high strung agent, Ari Gold.

2. Season 02 Episode 09: The Sundance Kids

In this episode E is trying hard to get Vinny the lead role in James Cameron’s Aquaman movie and the episode ends with Vinny being offered the part. What makes this episode so important is the fact that it signifies the beginning of Vince‘s career as a superstar. It also shows how E is coming of age as a Hollywood entertainment executive.

3. Season 03 Episode 17: Return of the King

Most of season 3 revolves around Medellin and Vince‘s attempts to get the project off the ground but he faces many obstacles and the movie suffers many production delays. What makes this one of the must-watch Entourage episodes is because it shows the extent to which Ari will go to win a deal; he will always put his job first even to the determinate of his family and religion.

4. Season 04 Episode 05: The Dream Team

This episode shows just how bat shit crazy Billy Nash is when he is working on a project. It also shows how strained the relationship between E and Billy has always been. It further shows how into weed all these dudes are. Meanwhile, Lloyd truly displays his commitment to Ari by helping him bring down a rival agent who is trying to steal Vinny.

5. Season 05 Episode 11: Play’n with Fire

This episode shows just how many knocks poor Vinny always has to take. Despite his most sincere efforts to give his best performance his is fired off of Smokejumpers. In this episode we also learn what Turtle‘s real name is when he tells Jamie-Lynn Sigler while they are out on a secret date together.

6. Season 06 Episode 04: Runnin’ on E

In this episode we really get to see how much Vinny relies on his entourage to keep him busy and entertained. His next movie is delayed by 12 weeks and Vinny finds himself with nothing to do and no one to do it with. E is busy with his own thing, Turtle is busy doing Jamie-Lyn and Drama is busy with his TV show called Five Towns. Ari is also caught up with drama at work, which later in the show gets him into massive trouble.

7. Season 06 Episode 05: Fore!

In this episode Vinny and Johnny play in a charity golf tournament with Mark Wahlberg and Tom Brady. What makes this episode so important is that it clearly jokes about how Entourage is loosely based on Mark Wahlberg’s (who is the executive producer of the show and the movie) life and real-life entourage.

8. Season 08 Episode 08: The End

The last episode of Entourage is a must watch! It is emotional, surprising and hilarious and you are left with a sense of closure. But luckily you can watch the movie this weekend, which picks up right where the show ended off!

BONUS: Season 05 Episode 05: Tree Trippers

This is my personal favourite of all 96 Entourage episodes. It sees the guys traveling to Joshua Tree and basically tripping their balls off. It’s funny and picturesque and it’s great to see all these guys so high, especially Ari and E!