950 million smartphones in the world are currently running Android, which means that if there was a general security flaw in the OS, then many users are at danger of being infected.

The latest flaw in the OS stems from the OS analysing texts before you even open them. When you receive a text, the device automatically starts to process the media, this includes pictures, audio or video.

This flaw knocks the recent Apple text hack out of the park, as the Apple text hack just caused your phone to freeze and needed a restart . This Android exploit means that a hacker could take control of your phone, wipe it of all its data, access your private info, and even hinder your control over it.

Google recently acknowledged the flaw and stated that they’re working on ways to limit the access to separate apps and phone functions. They are also in the process of developing a permanent fix for this, but it has been 109 days since the bug was reported and the fix is not largely available yet.

As of now this bug could affect devices running any version of Android from Android Froyo, right up to Lollipop