With the impending launch of Destiny’s The Taken King expansion releasing in September, I think it is about time that everyone who owns the game reaches level 20 and beyond as fast as possible. I have 3 characters at level 34, it was not easy to get them there, but once you have reached level 20 it becomes easier. Here is how to get your characters to level 20 in a day on Destiny.

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Play with friends            

Starting off, getting a high level friend to help you out will make this process much quicker. By getting a level 30 or up to aid in you the main missions, you can select the hardest difficulty and they can do all the work. Soloing the missions on the hardest mode will prove difficult especially if you are two levels lower than the hardest requirement.



As soon as you can, take the bounties from Xander 99-40. Even if these bounties mean that you will need to shoot 100 enemies in the head with precision shots, all the XP you earn will count towards getting to level 20 as fast as possible.

Tip: Keep any Strike bounties until you have completed the main storyline. At the same time do not start any Strikes until the end, no use doing them once and then again for the bounty.

Patrol Missions

Patrol missions are a nice way to earn XP and Vanguard Marks needed to buy legendary equipment. I know these missions are tedious, but try and stick to the ones that require you to kill enemies and collect items from them rather than the ones that need you to travel across the planet just to scan a box.

Tip: There are patrol bounties that you will get after the first mission on every new planet. Try keep your patrolling session until you have these bounties available to collect.


PvP is the perfect way to level up quickly, you earn quite a hefty amount of XP during matches that go towards your progress. Winning a match will also gain you additional XP.

Tip: No need to stress about PvP matchmaking, you can enter it on a low level as level advantages are disabled and everyone is equal.

Almost done

Once you have completed the main story, you should be on level 17,or 18. To boost up to level 20 you will need to run the Strikes, and complete bounties and patrol missions. If you are quick and have followed these steps, you should only need to run one or two Strikes to reach that 20 cap. Remember, bounties are the key to massive XP.

Level 20 and beyond

What about past level 20? Well if you are smart with your gear and the way you decrypt items, then getting to 30 should not be a problem.

Daily Missions


Every day there will be a mission that you can complete for massive XP. These daily missions are a crucible match and one daily mission based on any of the story missions that you complete for the main game. Running these on the highest difficulty possible will reward you will XP, materials, and marks. You also get blue engrams from this mission.

Save some gear


If you have a character that is over level 30, whenever you receive a blue or Legendary Engram, store it in your vault. When your low level character reaches level 20 that character can take it out and use it and reap the rewards from it. When you decrypt it, it will contain a piece of gear for your character that decrypts it, boosting your light level up and getting you well on your way to level 34. If you can store a helmet, arms, boot, and chest legendary engram in your vault, it will take you right up to level 32 when equipped on your second character.