Square Enix has suspended sales of FINAL FANTASY XIV on Mac following performance issues. The system requirements for the game were incomplete leading to players facing issues when the game launched earlier than it should in retail.

Square Enix released a statement regarding the game’s technical issues after suspending the sales for Mac. The game’s producer and director Naoki Yoshida stated that:

Some customers were able to download and play a pre-release build which suffered from performance problems. We apologize for this oversight.

Yoshida went on to ensure users who have purchased the Mac version of the MMO that they will be refunded for the purchase:

The mistakes made by the development and operation teams in the lead up to this release have caused considerable confusion and trouble. To our customers who eagerly anticipate purchasing, or who have already ordered, their copy of the Mac version of FINAL FANTASY XIV, and to all of our distributors, we offer our deepest and most heartfelt apologies.

The game will not be available until Square Enix is happy with the system requirements and it is running smoothly. There is no solid release date for the Mac version.

Customers who purchased the game can be refunded in full if they wish by filling in the following form. Those who have purchased the game from a retailer will have to contact them directly.