In a move to try to kill Adobe’s Flash, which was once a useful web browser plugin, Mozilla Firefox has decided that instead of waiting for Abode to get rid of Flash, they would kill it off themselves.

Back in the early days of the internet, Flash was the most vital web plugin for video streaming and website animations, but has become less popular over the past few years. To make things worse Adobe’s Flash is ridden with security holes making it a safety hazard for users.

Occupy Flash is a movement that has been going forward to eradicate Flash Player from web browsers world-wide. Their aim is to make users aware of the issues and exploits in Flash and get it down once and for all. This movement was a strong influence in the decision to remove Flash support off Firefox.

Firefox has mentioned that they will bring back Flash if Adobe fixes these loopholes, but right now, Flash is disabled by default in Firefox, and you will have to enable it yourself.

Even Google is limiting Flash’s impact; last month, it announced that future versions of Chrome will “intelligently pause” Flash-based content that isn’t part of a website’s core experience – for instance like video ads that play automatically. And of course, the late and great Steve Jobs wrote an open letter in 2010 stating that Apple would never use Flash Player. Android followed suit in 2012.