Apple Music launched yesterday and was automatically downloaded and installed when users updated their devices to iOS 8.4.


Here’s how to update to iOS 8.4: Open the Settings app > General > Software Update > Download and Install > Agree to Terms and Conditions

The highly-anticipated new music streaming service from Apple was revealed back in June at Apple’s 2015 WWDC and can now finally be enjoyed by anyone who updates to iOS 8.4. The service was initially launched to over 100 countries and will even become available for Android devices later this year.

Once you’ve updated your device and it has rebooted you will see a new Music icon either on your home screen or in your Music Folder, named Music. Once you tap on this you will be presented with a home screen with a whole bunch of awesome Apple Music features.


Your account will be automatically set up using your Apple ID and you can edit your Apple Music profile picture and nickname, which will both appear when you leave comments, share music, etc. Apple is initially offering a free, three-month trail after which you can choose between two monthly subscription plans:

  1. Individual Plan – R59.99 p/m; and
  2. Family Plan (up to 6 members) – R89.99 p/m.

Your account will be automatically renewed every month and you will be billed unless you disable Automatic Renewal. Once you’ve subscribed you will have access to the Apple iCloud Music Library. This will allow you to store your Apple Music Library in iCloud so that you can listen to your music across all your devices as well as offline.

Apple Music, in true Apple style, is visually beautiful. It looks clean and uncluttered and follows the always simple design ethos that Apple favours. Everything seems clear and navigation is easy and seamless.

Apple Music Favourites

The Search function (located at the top right corner) is comprehensive and accurate and you can search for basically any artist, album or song you can think of. Search results are displayed in sub-categories, consisting of Top Results, Artists, Songs, Albums, Playlists, Videos and Stations, ensuring you find exactly what you were looking for.

At the bottom of the screen you will be presented with 5 tabs namely:

  1. My Music;
  2. For You;
  3. New;
  4. Radio; and
  5. Connect.

The Connect feature allows fans to connect with artists in a very cool way. Artists can use Connect to debut songs, share photos, videos, behind-the-scene footage and more. In turn, fans can comment and like their favourite artists’ activity.

Apple Music Radio

Beats 1 Radio is a very exciting new 24-hour live radio station available through Apple Music. The station is hosted by DJs Julie Adenuga in London, Ebron Daren in New York and Zane Lowe in LA. There are also other curated radio stations available under the Radio tab, but at the time of writing this article, only Beats 1 Radio was working in South Africa.

Look out for our first impressions, favourite features and reviews of Apple Music over the next few weeks.