You really don’t need to feel like you’re living in the dark ages just because of local restrictions on certain video streaming services. There are ways to get things done and before you know it you’ll be able to stream Netflix, Hulu, and other video streaming services on your PC, or laptop over the internet.


How to spoof your IP

You can spoof your IP to make the internet believe that you live in the U.S, Europe, or anywhere else you fancy. There are some programs that you need to get before you do so though.


Hola is an extension that you install onto Google Chrome. It’s free and takes a minute to get going. Once installed you can access the interface very easily by just clicking on the logo. From there select the country in which you want to pretend you are in and it will activate the spoofing.


That’s it, you now live in America and you can sign up for a Netflix account, Hulu, and even watch those darn Walking Dead trailers that are always restricted here in SA.

Hola App

If you don’t want to go ahead and install anything on your PC, then you can just download the Hola app and use that. The Hola app acts as a web browser where you can visit any restricted site on it unrestricted. The app is available for Android and iOS.



Netflix is the world’s biggest media hub, with thousands of shows added monthly and rotated. If you sign up for Netflix now you can get a 30 day trial without paying anything. So there’s really no excuse for logging in to see if streaming is really your thing or not. Netflix has some of its own great original shows like Orange is the New Black, Daredevil, and Grace and Frankie. But all you really need to worry about is Orange is the New Black.



Like Netflix, Hulu also offers their own 1 month trial. So while you’re at it, sign up for both.



The best music streaming service, next to Apple Music that is, is accessible using Hola. Sure we in SA will receive Spotify very soon, but until then, this is the best way to stream millions of tracks online.

Pandora Radio


Pandora Radio lets you listen to millions of tracks without even signing up, if you are in the U.S that is. Feel like you need a musical pick up? Just type the song in and start playing it, it’s really that easy.

So with Hola installed either on your browser, your phone or tablet, you can stream all content be is music, movies, or TV shows.