The LG G4 is an amazing phone with great features. If you’re still unsure of whether this is the phone for you, we’ve roundup our five favourite features that might just convince you.

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Camera (Duh)

The LG G4 sports one of the best smartphone cameras on the market right now.

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The G4 has a 16 MP, F/1.8, laser autofocus, image stabilised camera that delivers some truly amazing photos. Fun features include gestures to take selfies and voice commands to snap a shot as well as amazing editing features to create the perfect picture every time.

Smart Settings

With Smart Settings you can have your LG G4 adjust your settings automatically based on your location or to which network you are connected to. Your phone will then automatically differentiate between the settings you have at home or at work or school for instance.

To enable Smart Settings:

Go to the Settings app > Smart Functions > Smart Settings and customise your preferences.


Baby’s Got Back Buttons


It might seem like something simple, but the fact that LG puts its buttons on the back of their smartphones is kind of revolutionary. Most smartphone makers put their external buttons on the sides, top or front of the phones. The LG G4’s external buttons all sit at the back and you can use these three buttons to lock the phone, as volume buttons, to take screen shots, launch the camera or launch the QMemo app if you quickly need to take notes when the phone is in locked screen.

Dual Window Mode

Multi-tasking has never been easier when you use the LG G4’s Dual Window mode. In this mode you are able to run two apps simultaneously in a split-screen view. Apps that support Dual Window mode include YouTube, Chrome, Google Docs, Gmail and Google Hangouts.

To enable Dual Window Mode:

Press and hold the Back button > Choose the app you want displayed at the top of the screen and the app you want displayed on the bottom of the screen.

Quick Charging

The LG G4 sports a 3000mAh battery which is able to cope with a full day’s heavy usage. But the feature that stands out for me is Quick Charge 2.0, which dramatically speeds up the charging, meaning you don’t need to have it plugged up to the wall forever. In addition, the device features support for wireless charging, which is another bonus for anyone who happens to own a Qi wireless charger. Just keep in mind that you will have to buy a separate wireless charging back to enable this.