Thought flip phones were a thing better left in the 90s? Think again. LG has released the LG Gentle – a flip phone smartphone for the future.

LG Flip Phone 1

The new LG flip phone is available in South Korea only at the moment and runs Android 5.1 Lollipop OS and costs 200 000 Won about R2 500.00, however it’s unlikely it will make its way to our shores. It has a 3.2″ LCD touch-enabled 480 x 320 flip screen, a typical T9 keypad, 1.1GHz quad-core CPU, 4G LTE connectivity, 1700mAh removable battery, 3MP camera and 4G of upgradable storage. The LG Gentle sports a faux-leather cover and comes in navy and burgundy colour options and weighs only 143g.

LG Flip Phone 3

So why, in 2015, is there an LG flip phone being released into a market dominated by powerful smartphones? The argument is pretty simple – flip phones are less distracting as they are more simplified than smartphones and you can’t just quickly glance down at a massive touch screen all the time. Flip phones are massively popular in Asia, and the LG Gentle chose the right market to release its first flip phone in years.