I was lucky enough to go watch Magic Mike XXL with my best friend and that’s exactly how you should do it too. Your boyfriend or brother is not going to enjoy this movie even a little bit. But ladies (or queens as referred to in the movie) you are going to lose your shit when you watch this movie. I can’t describe to you what perfect specimens these men are. Not only are they ridiculously sexy, but what I really liked about the movie is that they just love to make girls feel good and special and it isn’t just sexual.


In terms of the storyline, if you are even paying attention to it, isn’t perfect. The dialogue was sometimes a little awkward and it was as if the plot wasn’t always followed and the story felt a little thrown together at points. That being said, there is a lot of heart in the movie and it has its funny moments. Magic Mike XXL takes place three years after Mike Lane (Channing Tatum) decided to give up his life as a male entertainer i.e. stripper. But predictably he misses the excitement he felt when he is dancing on stage and he misses hanging out with his best friends and crew known as the Kings of Tampa. His crew picks him up and they road trip to a stripper convention and they have some fun along the way. The interactions between the guys are pretty entertaining and you feel like they are truly friends. One crew member is missing though – Dallas (Matthew Mcconaughey) didn’t make it into the sequel, but don’t worry, you really don’t miss him as there are plenty of great characters (and bodies) to go around. Our favourite new character in Magic Mike XXL is Rome, portrayed by Jada Pinkett Smith. There is nothing Jada can do wrong in my books and she portrayed this role so well. Not only is she strong and sassy, but she also brings some much needed oestrogen and emotion to the movie. Other new characters include Donald Glover and Andie MadDowell. You will be excited to know that Big Dick Ricky (Joe Manganiello), Ken (Matt Bomer), Tarzan (Kevin Nash), Tito (Adam Rodriquez) and Tobias (Gabrielle Inglesias) are back and looking sexier than ever. I mean guys, I really can’t stop saying how sexy these dudes are!

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The dancing is obviously the best part of this movie and you’ll be amazed by some of the moves these guys can pull off. Channing Tatum is by far the best dancer thanks to his dancing and stripper background and he really kills it. I think they also got way more creative in Magic Mike XXL and made the dances more complicated and even hotter (if that was even possible). Dancing and hotness aside, Magic Mike XXL is a feminist movement that encourages girls to enjoy their sexuality and be treated like queens when seduced. It is very clear that many girls feel neglected and don’t feel like they are  desirable. Also, historically movies only focussed on the sexuality of straight men. In Magic Mike XXL women’s as well as homosexual men’s sexuality is explored and celebrated. For once, the screen isn’t filled with boobs and butts, but rather with six packs and smiles that will make your knees go weak. The movie also makes it clear that girls are allowed to be turned on and that they deserve to be seduced in a sexy way. Furthermore, I loved that women weren’t even a little bit sexualised. You might be repeatedly told that a female character used to be a stripper but the girls in the movie never once take off their clothes and they are never treated as the objects of desire. It’s a very nice change of pace and it made me feel really empowered, which I’m assuming was one of the goals with making a movie like this.


If you are keen for a fun and naughty girls’ night out, I highly recommend you go watch Magic Mike XXL. Don’t expect a plot masterpiece, but it has a lot of heart and gives off a good message about female sexuality. There are also fun and humorous moments in between all the sexiness. You will not be disappointed by the dancing and you will probably find yourself constantly blushing at how smoothly sexy these guys are. I could write a whole book about their bodies – they’re truly perfect and everyone has a six pack and machine guns! Go treat yourself and your girlfriends to some sexy fun!


Magic Mike XXL Review: The Perfect Girls' Night Out
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