Even though Gru was the main character in the two mega successful Despicable Me movies, the Minions managed to steal the show. Toy Story’s Planet Pizza Aliens had mild success as a spinoff but nothing like the Minions. These adorable banana-loving servants have become a multi-billion dollar franchise of their own so it was only sensible for Universal Pictures to create a spin-off and give these guys the centre stage. The proof is in the puddings as the movie had a massive debut weekend and will probably rack in millions more.



The movie serves as a type of prequel to the Despicable Me movies and tells the origin story of these yellow creatures from when they evolved from single-celled organisms to how they came to be Gru‘s undying devotees. After losing a string of famous masters, including Napoleon, the Minions become depressed because they can’t fulfil their intense need to serve an evil master. A brave little Minion by the name of Kevin decides to embark on an adventure to find them a new evil villain to serve. He is accompanied by two others called Bob and Stuart. The three little guys find themselves in London circa 1968 after they attend a comic con-esque event called Villain Con to find their next master and meets super-villain Scarlett Overkill. They decide that she’s perfect and vow to steal young Queen Elizabeth II’s crown for her to prove their devotion. Things don’t go according to plan and the Minions soon find themselves in some hilarious trouble.

The movie was directed by Pierre Coffin who voices the Minions and, because, no one over the age of 10 can understand these little guys, Geoffrey Rush narrates the movie.

What I really liked about the story is that it had many strong female characters who demolish the stigma of pink dress wearing Disney princesses. The chicks in this movie kick ass and there isn’t a damsel in distress in sight. The movie also features some great global locations, pop culture items, historical moments and more all presented in a kid friendly way with a fun Minions twist. We are taken through the Ice Age, Ancient Egypt and the Dark Ages and everything in between.

The jokes and slapstick comedy never stop. Kids love squeaky, colourful things who fart and fall and make funny faces – so the Minions are like their comedy gods! But the humour isn’t all slapstick and kiddie-targeted and the movie takes digs at The Beatles, the moon-landings conspiracy theories and the British’s love for drinking tea.

The Minions never disappoint and they make you laugh at their naiveties, clumsiness and general silliness. Scarlet Overkill wasn’t my favourite. But the movie does have some fun new characters, with my favourite being Scarlet‘s husband and evil inventor Herb (voiced by John Hamm) who is very nonchalant and very British.

Minions 3

The CG animation is really detailed and it looked realistic enough to touch in 3D. It might not be particularly groundbreaking but the movie does look cool and there are as many fun animation moments throughout. The Minions look cuter than ever and we love how all of them look the same, but different, making them a fun collectible.


All-in-all your kids will love this and you will probably laugh too. I think the movie is one of the most successful animation spinoffs ever and the Minions will just continue to grow as an empire.

Minions Review: Kids will Love it, Adults won't Mind Watching it
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