As the dust settles on E3, it is hard to pretend not to notice what we missed out on. The games we waited for, the games that we deserved to see. There were quite a few of them, those that have been announced, but have been in development hell for years, and those that were supposedly “leaked”, but they were not fully revealed. These are the games that were left behind, once again.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 – Ubisoft

We got the Division, we got a look at the annual Assassin’s Creed, but typical Ubisoft did typical Ubisoft things, they just ignored the fact that Beyond Good and Evil 2 even existed. The sequel to the 2003 smash hit was revealed in 2008 at Ubidays in Paris. Since its initial reveal, the game has been rumoured to have been cancelled, put on hold, and in steady development a couple of times. E3 2015 came and went without any sign of Jade and Pey’j.

Criterion’s New Racer – EA Games

After the success of Burnout Paradise, and a couple of Need for Speed titles, Criterion Games have made a name for themselves as the open world racer masterminds. Back at last year’s E3 conference EA Games showed off a developer diary showcasing Criterion Game’s brand new racer. The game had a touch of 4×4 off-road racing, with some parasailing, and a touch of water racing. The game’s concept looked great. Unfortunately the game was absent at this year’s EA event, with no word on development at all.

Cyberpunk 2077 – CD Projekt RED

The Witcher 3 is probably the greatest game of the year, and I respect that the team behind it would need a break after it, but it has been 3 years since we have seen or heard anything about the game. All we know right now is the Cyberpunk 2077 could be the next RPG franchise that sets the standard for games like Fallout, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. The game as non-linear mission and the ability to switch between first person shooter, and third person, sound familiar? After the Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 has some pretty big shoes to fill, but we are yet to see or hear anything about the game’s development cycle. Hopefully we will learn something soon.

Persona 5 – Atlus

Now there is one thing not showing off a game at E3 that we all expect to see, but it is another thing not showing off a game that has been scheduled for release that same year. It not only terrifies fans into thinking that the game won’t be seeing its release window, but is it is also bad for business. Persona 5 is the highly anticipated sequel to Persona 4, and the sixth title in the series. The franchise has managed to captivate gamers all over the world with its unique Japanese style of gameplay and battle system. Could skipping E3 this year mean that they game is not on track for its 2015 release? I hope not.

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