BLACK Division Games, a video game company based in Kenya have released what they are calling “Africa’s first 3D video game“.


Nairobi X is set in 2030 in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. Aliens have invaded the world and the city lies in the hands of the main character, Commander Otero, to try prevent the end of the world.


The game is a first person shooter and looks like a mix between Duke Nukem and Serious Sam. The city of Nairobi is fully realised and features some advertising in-game from companies that helped fund the game as part of the developer’s in-game advertising scheme.


Redbull as well as the Central Bank of Africa are all present in the game. The player must consume Redbull to regain energy throughout the game. You also navigate through the city in a Landrover Defender. All these elements give the game a unique and authentic feel.

This could mean the birth of some great 3D titles in the future coming out of Africa. Up until now we have just experienced some relatively small indie games, and it would be nice to anticipate something new for a change.

The game is out now on PC, and available on the company’s website. The mobile iteration is out on the Google Play Store and will release on iOS and Windows Mobile in coming weeks.