I am versatile when it comes to tech brands. I have owned a couple of Galaxys, a few LGs, and iPhones. It is hard to say who the best is, but no matter who reveals what, be it revolutionary or not, Apple always stays the main focus in the industry. Fans and non-fans alike always anticipate their next iPhone, iPad, service or MAC. Here are some of the ways Apple stay relevant without you even realiSing it.

Apple Music


There is something special about Apple and the way they go about things. Let us take Apple Music for an example. With hundreds of music streaming apps on the market, paid for or not, Apple Music has been in the spotlight for its unique approach on the scene. With a 3 month free trial, Apple Music is set to take the way we listen to music to a whole new level. We will be able to connect directly to our favourite artists, stream millions of songs, and create a personal playlist available anywhere at any time. Apple Music is nothing new, yet it feels new because it is an Apple service.

Apple will always rule the world

Apple Watch


No matter what smartphone you own, there is a watch for it. Be it the Galaxy Gear, the Xperia Smartwatch, or the LG G Watch. Your phone will have a companion strapped on your arm. Apple waited a while, they sat back and watched all the cell phone giants release watches that they thought were going to change the world. Then the Apple Watch came along and took everything that Samsung, LG, and Sony could not achieve, and made it possible. The barrier between glamor and technology was broken, the missing link between usability and ease of use was made. Apple successfully merged two markets together with one product and made us all believe we needed an Apple Watch.

Apple will always rule the world 2

Touch of Apple

With such an inspirational company touching so many daily lives, it is hard for others to not be inspired by their business ethics and choice of marketing. We have seen Apple inspiration in nearly every device that is released. It hard to deny that cell phones are all slowly following trend on what Apple does. Be it in design or device feature.

Apple Event 4


As of April 2015 Apple sold 51 million iPhones since its launch back in September 2014. 18% of all iPhones in the US are made up of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Every year when the new iPhone goes up for pre-order, Apple sells out faster than the year before. Apple can add a an extra camera to their current iPhone design, and the world will go crazy, and sell out in hours.

Apple will always rule the world

Apple Magic

There is something about Apple’s products, something that makes you believe you need it and love it when you get it. Everything they attempt is done with great attention to detail and a fantastic love for innovation. It is something special.