With Comic Con come many many leaks and this just sucks for the event attendees but rock for the people who are too poor to attend and only have an internet connection. But, let’s face it, leaked/pirated footage usually sucks and if you’re a true fan you would usually hold off for the real thing.


Suicide Squad Trailer 2

This same scenario happened this weekend at San Diego Comic Con 2015 when the Suicide Squad trailer was leaked online after Warner Bros’. press panel. The video was quickly removed but trying to remove something from the internet is like trying to remove pee from a pool, so if you looked hard could still view it. However, Warner Bros. decided that fans deserve more than a shady leaked trailer and yesterday released a HD trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, which by the way looks super dark and cool.

The movie was directed by David Ayer and sees Jared Leto as The Joker, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Will Smith as Deadshot, Cara Delevinge as Enchantress and Ben Affleck will be reprising his role as Batman. The movie revolves around a secret government agency that creates a task force consisting of a gang of super villains and dubs it the Suicide Squad. The agency makes a deal with the members of the Suicide Squad to decrease their prison sentences in exchange for performing dangerous (and suicidal) tasks and missions for the agency.

Suicide Squad Trailer

The movie is set for release in August 2016, which means we’ll have to wait another year, but at least we finally got a trailer.