The first thing you need to know is that saying “favourite” is a bit of a stretch, because most of the Apple Watch games aren’t that great. But we’ve chosen 5 of the best Apple Watch games you can play on your wrist:



Apple Watch Games 1

BoxPop is a a scaled down version of the iPhone game and has a very simple gameplay – moving in an L-shape pattern, you must attempt to land on every space of the board. You have five daily tasks and earn a medal once you’ve completed them all.


Apple Watch Games 2

Rules! is probably the best game to play on your wrist. It is a fun and challenging puzzle game to play on your iPhone and it’s not too bad on the Apple Watch either. As with most Apple Watch games, Rules! is a much smaller and simpler extension of the iPhone game where you now use four cards instead of nine cards.

Letter Zap

Apple Watch Games 3

This word-building game is one of the better designed games for the Apple Watch and the game works well on the small screen of the Watch. Letter Zap is simple and straightforward and involves six jumbled letters which you have to arrange into a word within a time limit.

Trivia Crack

Apple Watch Games 4

This game offers a very comprehensive experience on the Watch and it doesn’t just feel like a scaled-down companion experience like so many Apple Watch Games do. You get the full Trivia Crack experience on your Watch and you can even spin the wheel.

Battle Camp

Apple Watch Games 5

Battle Camp for the Apple Watch lets you interact with your creature to keep it happy and almost feels like a Tamagotchi.