Sony have revealed their financials for the first quarter and it seems that the PlayStation 4 sales have continued to exceed expectations.

3 million consoles were sold during the first three-month period of 2015 ending on June 30. This has pushed the console’s lifetime sales up to 25.3 million to date.

The PlayStation 2 is Sony’s closest match to the PlayStation 4 in sales. The PlayStation 2 reached 20 million units in two years and eight months, whereas the PlayStation 4 managed to reach 25.3 units in less than 24 months. Sony predicts that the PS4 will reach 38.8 million units sold by 31 March 2016.

Sony also pulled in an operating income of $160 million from revenues of $2.365 billion. This comes after Sony managed to drop the production cost of the PS4, which translated to a 12% rise in sales which translated into a 350% rise in operating costs.