It is a new month, so that means that PlayStation Plus subscribers around the world, whether playing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, or PlayStation Vita, will be getting a few freebies. Here is what you can expect from PlayStation Plus in the month of July.

Leaving PS Plus:

7th July: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS4)
7th July: Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition (PS4)
7th July: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (PS3)
7th July: Cloudberry Kingdom (PS3)
7th July: Futuridium (PS4/PS Vita)
7th July: Super Exploding Zoo (PS4/PS Vita)

Entering PS Plus:

7th July: Rocket League (PS4)
7th July: Styx Master of Shadows (PS4)
7th July: rain (PS3)
7th July: Mousecraft (PS4/PS3/PS Vita)
7th July: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved (PS Vita)
7th July: Entwined (PS4/PS Vita)
Available now: DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition

PlayStation 4 owners will be receiving 4 titles in July thanks to the cross-platform games like Mousecraft and Entwined. We are really spoiled for choice this month.

Be sure to add all the June games to your library by the time the new titles switch over next week!