Polaroid released an iPhone and Android app called Polamatic which turns your smartphone pictures into awesome vintage photos.


Polamatic gives you the ability to turn your pictures into Polaroid-esque, vintage looking photos that will make you feel nostalgic/hipster. You can choose between 10 different types of Polaroid film:

  1. Type 600
  2. Type 1000
  3. Type 80
  4. SX-70
  5. Image Spectra
  6. 4×5 Film
  7. 8×10 Film
  8. Roll Film
  9. 300 Film
  10. 500 Film

On top of these 10 types of film you can choose borders and filters for any one of the film types which means you get to truly fine-tune your pictures until you reckon they are perfect. You can even watch your photo “develop” like Polaroid film photos used to back in the day, which is a fun and authentic touch.

There are over 100 different filters to choose from and the app provides you with live previews so that you can check if your choices and tweaks work before you commit. The different borders include vintage and Polaroid type borders and also includes modern borders so that you can mix up two different worlds.

On top of turning your photos into vintage masterpieces, the app also boasts features like the ability to add text (36 different fonts, different colours and alighnment), adjust exposure and brightness, opacity and many more awesome photo editing tools.

Once you’re happy with your photo you can either save it to your phone or you can share it across social media sites like Instagram and rack in some likes.