Could you imagine a world without satellite TV? I could, I don’t watch DSTV, SABC, or any other of the South African satellite broadcasters. I live off the internet. Streaming shows, spoofing my IP to watch Netflix, and buying media off of iTunes. DSTV to me is an outdated source of entertainment, full of adverts, bad local celebrity cameos, and repeats.

With the global internet infrastructure growing at a rapid rate, ours a little slower than others, soon switching on a satellite decoder and changing channels will be a things of the past. Soon you will start-up your TV and watch TV shows and movies that you downloaded overnight on a dedicated media platform.

Media Centres

PLEX Media App

To me there is nothing better than having a decent media server that arranges all your media into one pretty menu. Showing trailers of movies, allowing you to watch your media files, and keeping track on your progress. Media centres are the latest thing to take over your decoder. Most of them have built-in hard drives that store all your files, and their own user interface to navigate through.


One of the best media devices on the market is the Mede8er brand. I have personally used MED450X2S before and it is a great home entertainment device. You just copy your files to the internal 1TB hard drive, or plug-in an external, and you can play any file type under the sun.

Portable Entertainment


I have recently, maybe because it is really cold, been going to bed before 2am. Not that I sleep, but I catch up on all my shows. Thanks to the awesome PLEX app, I stream all my content from my PC to my iPad over the WIFI, and yes I am living for Orange is the New Black. Regardless of what you watch, there is always an option to catch up on TV shows and movies either on your mobile phone, or your tablet.

DSTV have their own dedicated app called DSTV Now, which is available on Android, iOS, and via an internet browser. If you have a premium DSTV subscription you can stream your shows directly off the net, or download them in the background for later.



The mother of all media distributors, and the killer of CD albums and DVD rentals. iTunes has been growing at a rapid rate as Apple tries to take over the biggest industry in the world – entrainment. Sure you cannot purchase movies and TV shows in SA, but all it takes is a quick visit to a little local website called, purchase a US iTunes voucher, and you are good to go.

With the ability to download iTunes content, it would be the most ideal way to watch TV shows and movies without any issues. You would probably watch movies way before they are even available here on DVD or DSTV’s BoxOffice.



Piracy is a major factor in the fall of satellite TV. The ability to browse sites to download movie torrents and even stream cinema movies on the web now is a major problem today. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Instead of waiting for movies and TV shows to hit DSTV, you can get them online when the DVD releases hit the US. Its free, and its faster.

With everything mentioned above, what reason should I have to keep my DSTV subscription? I can just sign up to Netflix and spoof my IP, there I will have hundreds of hours of streaming instantly. It is the sad truth that the internet will ultimately destroy satellite TV, but for the better of the consumers.