SNAPnSAVE is a locally developed FREE app that helps you get cash back on your in-store shopping when you scan your receipt or till slip with your mobile device’s camera.



SNAPnSAVE provides you with an easy and simple way to save some cash and it also provides brands with a marketing platform that lets them interact and engage with consumers in a cool (and cost-effective) way. Coupons are a global trend, with digital coupons expected to be used by 1 billion people by 2019 and this new Cape Town developed app puts a tech spin on an old and timeless trend. SNAPnSAVE CEO, Mark Bradshaw explains that:

Globally, we are seeing more and more mobile technology being developed and used to enable consumers to make smarter purchase decisions.

We’ve developed the platform specifically for the South African market and have made getting cash back for shopping easier, discrete and more convenient than ever before.

Coupons, especially digital coupons, are great for consumers by providing them with deals and special offers and encourages shoppers to explore and tryout new services and products.


With this app you are able to choose the offers you want to take advantage of and once you’ve verified your purchase by snapping a shot of the till slip with your device’s camera your SNAPnSAVE e-wallet will be credited. Photo recognition tech is used to verify the slips and to ensure a purchase has indeed been made.


For brands, digital coupons provide a channel of communication with consumers and a platform to connect with customers. Digital coupons also allow brands to interpret and understand information about who, where and when a product was purchased, which then allows brands to create personalised, and effectively targeted, deals and special offers to consumers. Alex Band, SNAPnSAVE’s Marketing Manager explains how the app will benefit brands:

We’ve managed brands before and are tired of hearing the same buzzwords that deliver few results and cost the earth. We can help influence the pre-purchase decision and prove it afterwards.

Download  the app for FREE for Android or iPhone and start saving!