Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Review
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Poor Back-Facing Camera
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In a world where everyone and their cat manufactures a tablet, what makes the Sony Z4 so special that it stands out from the crowd and is the ultimate choice when it boils down to tablets and their features? The Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet is a great device, it might not pack any revolutionary features, nor be an industry changer, but it is the most sleek, lightest and thinnest tablet on the market, and it gets the job done.

Design Marvel

The Sony Xperia Z4 tablet is thin, really thin. It only weighs 393 grams and is 6.1mm thick, making it just as thin as an HB pencil and so light that when I put in in my bag I had to always double check that is hadn’t been nabbed, because it barely affects your weight load in your bag. The tablet also has a beautiful 10.1” display that supports a resolution of 2560×1600. It is crisp and clear no matter what you are busy with. That, plus the weight and dimensions, make it truly a remarkably designed device.

Sony Xperia Z4 Review

But weight is not everything as the Sony Xperia Z4 tablet has more to offer than just a sleek design. The tablet was running Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, and it was a smooth and speedy experience. Multitasking apps, running games, and even watching a movie while surfing the net at the same time was a flawless experience. Although I do feel that the tablet is weighed down by Sony’s built-in apps that you will probably never use, like Lifelog and What’s New. It never felt forced on you, and it shows that we are in a direction where devices are getting rid of more and more of their first party nonsense and focusing on the true potential of a device.

PlayStation Tablet

One of the tablet’s biggest selling points is the ability to play your PS4 games on the tablet thanks to the Remote Play feature. You can also connect a DualShock 4 to the device and have a seamless gaming experience. This is all good, but the TV is still the best place to play and while this is a convenient alternative, you would still need to find a place for the tablet and get comfy before you actually feel like it could replace your “feet up on the couch” gaming session.


But it is nice to have the option there in case you are booted off the TV or just feel like playing on the tablet. You can use the alternative on-screen controls too, but the layout of the buttons is questionable, and not suitable for most fast paced games, especially first person shooters, given that the analogue is at the bottom of the screen and the R2 button is at the top.


The Sony Xperia Z4 tablet is great for work. Its battery is phenomenal and it really shines when you are busy typing out documents in Microsoft Office for Android, with a low battery and can activate STAMINA mode which restricts mobile data, background apps, and Wi-Fi when the device’s screen is off, greatly extending its standby time. STAMINA mode is perfect for someone who travels frequently and does not have access to a charger, it will slow down background battery drain and still be fully functional when you unlock the device.


There is an option to plug in a detachable keyboard to the device, it really should come with one. I don’t understand why so many companies sell their tablets as great notebook alternatives, but still fail to pack in a keyboard. But the option is there for you if you truly want to get the most out of your tablet. There is also an option to easily connect to a projector and printer over Wi-Fi or the built in support adapter.

Get Soaked Up

Sony Xperia Z4 Review

The Sony Xperia Z4 tablet has the highest IP65 and IP68 rating when it comes to tablets and phones, this means that you can submerge your Z4 in water, and it will not die on you, and it is pretty dust proof. The device even has open slots that don’t need to be closed when placing it in water. The charger port and the earphone jack stay open, eliminating the risk of damage when playing around with it or genuinely taking it in the pool to take photos.

Selfie Anyone?

One of the biggest features when it comes to any device is its camera, and the Xperia Z4 tablet kind of disappointed me when compared to other tablets on the market. The 8.1mp back facing camera did not wow me at all, its scene options are vast, but under any sort of low-light conditions, the device failed to produce a crisp clear picture, even indoors. It did however take great out door photos in very bright light. The front facing 5.1mp camera on the other hand was great all-round, perfect for those selfies.

Sony Xperia Z4 Review

I was chopping Pumpkin

The Sony Xperia Z4 is not the most revolutionary tablet on the market, rather it is pretty much as cookie-cutter as it gets. It has some great design behind it and performs every task smoothly and fast, but I cannot highlight any one great feature that will change the world or that hasn’t been around for years already, but is just improved on the Z4 tablet. Like every other tablet that has released over the last year or so, it has no big selling point, other than it being thin and light. If you have an old Xperia tablet, then this is a worthy upgrade, but if you are still using the Z3 Compact, then this is just not good enough of an upgrade to warrant a purchase.