Sony’s PlayStation Mobile is starting the process of shutting down the service today (15 July 2015), which will discontinue support for a lot of games on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV. Luckily there’s a way to ensure that PlayStation Mobile games will still be compatible and playable on your devices:

Go to your Settings app on your device > PlayStation Network > PlayStation Activation > PlayStation Mobile > Activate > OK

This will ensure that your downloaded games will still be playable after the shutdown. Unfortunately this only works for already downloaded games and previously purchased PS Mobile games won’t be available for download after the final shutdown on 10 September 2015. Also, you can’t transfer games when you upgrade your device.

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The service was launched in 2012 and allowed independent game developers to release compatible games onto the PlayStation Network for a listing fee. However, after only a short run Sony recently announced that the service will be shut down and that users will no longer be able to download new games.