If you’re into comedies that don’t hold back in terms of what jokes will be cracked, Ted 2 will be right up your vulgar alley.


Ted 2 is the sequel to the 2012 movie, Ted and sees Mark Wahlberg reprise his role as John Bennett and Seth MacFarlane returns as the vulgar voice of Ted as well as director. Mila Kunis does not reprise her role and doesn’t even make an appearance as Lori. Her absence is explained through a divorce plot which doesn’t take too much time away from the main plot. Rather, the main plot centres around the fact that newly married Ted is seeking to be legally recognised as a person and not just as property. Enter Amanda Seyfried’s character Samantha, a first-time attorney and pothead. Other new characters include Jessica Barth who portrays the white-trash, but good-hearted wife of Ted, Tami-Lyn. There are an array of extremely famous people making quick appearances in the movie, like Liam Neeson buying cereal from the store where Ted works as a cashier, Morgan Freeman portrays the role of a high-powered attorney and Flash Gordon returns to reprise the only role he has ever mastered – Flash Gordon.

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We didn’t think it would be possible, but this movie is truly funnier than the first one and has been our favourite comedy for this year so far. It is MacFarlane gold and nothing escapes a joke – from a deep dig at the Kardashians to more hectic and completely inappropriate jokes about semen. But what makes the humour used in Ted 2 funny, and not overly offensive, is the fact that no one and nothing is left out and not one particular group or individual gets singled out. However, it isn’t a comedy masterpiece and many of the jokes don’t work and you almost get the feeling that they are trying too hard at times. As can be expected of a comedy, the story-line is also not perfect and is riddled with plot-flaws, but none too hectic and they can be forgiven based on the type of movie Ted 2 is. Regardless, you are sure to seriously laugh your ass off at all the ridiculous situations this teddy bear and his buddies get themselves into. You will especially laugh at the things that come out of their mouths. The language used in this movie is hectic! But, there’s just something so hilarious about a cute, cuddly teddy bear dropping F-bombs like a sailor. It’s funny and wrong at the same time, like when a child swears, but you just can’t help but laugh.

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In terms of performances, we must admit that Mark Wahlberg’s reprisal of John Bennett started off a little bit shaky and awkward. But he levelled out quickly and his exchanges and interactions with the CGI Ted became more natural as the movie progressed. Ted is as hilarious as always and is incorporated seamlessly into every shot and seems as realistic as any of the other characters.  Amanda Seyfried and Jessica Barth both give solid performances and were both pleasingly witty and funny. We won’t spoil it for you, but Liam Neeson’s short appearance in the movie really had us laughing and the interaction between him and Ted was one of our favourite moments in the movie.

If you aren’t into jokes that border on being offensive and inappropriate you will probably hate Ted 2. However, if slapstick, vulgar comedy, portrayed by a stuffed bear tickles your funny bone you will love this movie. There were some weak jokes and some plot holes, but overall Ted 2 is a fun and hilarious sequel that even improves on the first movie in our opinion.

Ted 2 Review: It's F@cking Funny
75%Overall Score
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