E3 takes place every year, around June developers, press, and the console giants meet up in LA for the biggest week in gaming of the year. Although E3 is a huge event, some of the years have been lacklustre whereas some of them have been the best in the history of the event. As someone who has been watching E3 since I got internet, I can honestly tell you these were the best and worst E3 events in recent years.

Best – E3 2013

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A new generation of gaming was upon us, it was the PS4’s and Xbox One’s debut at E3, and the gaming industry was about to shift into a new gear of gaming. June 2013, the PS4 and Xbox One have already been unveiled at their “future of gaming” conferences earlier that year, and E3 was their time to show the world what they had in store.

Microsoft had their Xbox One, the all-in-one entertainment device, and Sony had their PS4, the most powerful gaming console on the market, or so they marketed it. Gamers all around the world were anticipating the reveal of the PS4’s console design, as Sony failed to show off the actual look of the console during their PlayStation event back in March that year.

Microsoft had some issue to overcome with their DRM restrictions on the Xbox One, and E3 2013 was the perfect opportunity to do so. Instead Microsoft clarified that the Xbox One would need constant internet connection as well as an inability to share retail disc games with friends. Sony on the other hand poked fun at Microsoft showing off the PS4’s share game procedure which was just handing the game to a friend.

E3 2013 had great games too, not only was it the debut of the PS4 and Xbox One, but we finally saw our favourite franchises running on new hardware like Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield, and Killzone Shadowfall. Not only did E3 2013 roll out a new era of gaming, but Microsoft’s DRM dilemma taught developers all a valuable lesson – do not mess with a gamer.

Worst – E3 2010

2010, the peak of the PS3 and Xbox 360, the year of the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and the year that Konami destroyed E3 for everyone. E3 2010 brought along with it a bunch of unused technology and some terrible press events that left us all feeling awkward.

Microsoft officially unveiled their Project Natal as Kinect and along with it brought some game demos that did not work that well. Their press event was riddled with bugs and terribly scripted actors showing off the device’s capabilities. Instead of games and reveals, we all had to sit through two and a half hours of motion games and how the Kinect would “change the way we play”.

Sony had their own motion device revealed at the event, the PlayStation Move. Sony unfortunately fell victim to the same bad demos as Microsoft and failed to make an impact on the industry with their new motion controllers.

If two bad motion controllers weren’t enough, Konami came along and destroyed the show with their terrible press event. The event was full of bad reveals, naked wrestlers, and a developer that probably smoked a joint to two before hitting the stage to show off Just Dance. It was just bad.

E3 2010 came and went with bad game reveals and a focus on new technology that ultimately failed to make an impact till this day.

Which years do you think offered the best and worst E3 events?