There are thousands of apps available for your mobile phone. Some that make you look like a zombie, some that cause explosions in your lounge, and some that let you turn your phone into a Call of Duty FPS mission. I love messing around with my phone’s camera to create special effects on anything possible. Here are some of the best FX apps around, free and paid for:

Action Movie FX – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Action Movie FX is the best FX app around for creating explosions, earthquakes, and giant spider invasions in your lounge. A while back the app even received a Call of Duty pack for free. This pack brought with it some great drone fights, missile barrages, and EMP fights. Its pretty great and is easy to use. All you need to do is tap record over what you want to be the target of each scene, and let it process when you are ready and happy with the length of the clip.

Super Power FX – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Shooting beam rays out of your hand, powering up to Super Saiyan level five million, and freezing an object with your bare hands. This is what Super Power FX is all about. It’s a free app that lets you be the super hero, or super villain if you are that way inclined. Just aim your hand in an awesome super power way, get someone to record you, who won’t judge you, and save the clip. Here are some kids showing you how its done:

FxGuru: Movie FX Director – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch /Android

FxGuru is very similar to the Action Movie FX app. It does although have a few scenes that you will not find on the Action Movie FX app. Take a look at this montage:

FPS Movie FX – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

It might say “movie FX” in the title, but trust that this is more like a Call of Duty FPS FX app. You can load up a 9mm gun, run around and create your own World War scenario.

Saber Movie FX – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Saber Movie FX is the best way to create Star Wars themed battles. The sound effects are on point, and the glows are perfect. The interface might look cheap, but it does its job, it’s an essential for all Star Wars fans out there. It is a paid app, but its Star Wars, so what is R30?