Nintendo characters like Mario, Donkey Kong and Link have been adored by fans for over 30 years.


Not only are they playable characters in video games, these characters have also become imbedded into pop culture. If you’re new to the game you might be surprised to know that these Nintendo characters have evolved quite significantly throughout the years and will probably continue to change.

PicClick, a visual search tool, has created a series of videos depicting what each Nintendo character looked like when it first debuted and what it looks like now on the Nintendo Wii U console.

The Evolution of Mario

Mario even went through a name change; when he first debuted 34 years ago he was originally called Jumpman by the game’s designed, Shigeru Miyamoto.

The Evolution of Donkey Kong

This is one of the most popular Nintendo characters around. Donkey Kong has basically become the face of the video gaming industry, especially retro gaming. He has gone through some changes throughout the years, but his popularity has never changed.

The Evolution of Link

Link from the popular The Legend of Zelda franchise has evolved and grownup just as we have.