We’ve seen numerous leaked photos purporting to be the new iPhone 6S, but the iPhone 6S Plus now finally joins the rumour mill.


Future Supplier claims to have had a hands-on experience with the back cover of the rumoured iPhone 6S Plus. The site notes that the person who handled the component noticed slight differences in screw placement and that the material feels “stronger” than the current 6 Plus. Apple probably made the casing material stronger in response to bendgate – certain users complained that the 6 range would bend, especially the iPone 6 Plus. Future Supplier’s insider also claims that the stronger material feels rougher than that of the current 6 Plus and that the current model’s finish looks sleeker and smoother.

iPhone 6s Plus 2

The rest of the casing design is identical to that of the current iPhone 6 Plus if these photos are anything to go by. The pictures also don’t give anything away in terms of the rumoured new rose/pink gold colour option as it is the same gold colour currently available.