It’s still months before Apple is set to reveal the rumoured iPhone 6S, but the rumours have not been scarce. The newest iPhone 6S rumours come from 9to5 Mac, which has become a trusted source of Apple news, leaks and predictions over the years. We’ll have to wait and see what Apple has up its sleeve until later this year, in the meanwhile check out the new rumours and leaked images:


The iPhone 6S will Apparently Look Identical to the Current iPhone 6

The images purporting to show the casing for the new rumoured iPhone show that not much will change in terms of design. This seems to be a likely scenario based on previous trends where the design differences between the previous iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S were slight.

The casing purporting to be that of the new iPhone debunk the rumours that the phone will have a dual-lens camera system. The casing shows rear holes for the camera, microphone and LED flash identical to those of the current iPhone 6. It is impossible to tell from the images whether the rear-facing camera will still protrude out like it does on the current model, but hopefully Apple has sorted out that issue.


The bottom design also stayed exactly the same with a row of four speaker holes, the same position of the headphone jack, Lightning holes, charging port and microphone.

The iPhone 6S Rumours Point to Internal Upgrades

If the iPhone 6S rumours prove to be correct there are some changes coming to the internal components of the new phone from Apple. 9to5Mac came to these internal upgrades to the iPhone 6S by analysing images purporting to show the new internal workings or the expected phone.

Based on the analysis the conclusion was drawn that the NFC chip is from NXP and is labelled as 66VPs, making it an upgrade from the current NXP 65V10 NPC chip in the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Rumours 2

Some of the internal components expected to remain the same appears to be a Cirrrus Logic audio chip, a Murate WiFi module and wireless amplifiers from RFMD, Triquint, Avago and Skyworks. It would appear that the Bosch and InvenSense accelerometer and gyroscope are persevered if these iPhone 6 rumours prove to be true.

iPhone 6 Rumours 3

As the media files on the iPhones became bigger and the applications started taking up more storage space due to higher quality, 16GB iPhones seemed to have become thing of the past. But if these images are anything to go by it would seem that the new iPhone will come with a 16GB option, in addition to the already 64GB and 128GB options currently available for the iPhone 6.

What would you like to see from the iPhone 6S?