Rare, never-before-seen, images have surfaced of a prototype of the Nintendo PlayStation console. The prototype (if authentic) was created in 1991 when Nintendo and Sony attempted, and horribly failed, at a partnership. The machine was discovered by Dnldbld, a Reddit user, who claims to be the son of a former Sony executive who was close with former Chief Executive of Sony, Olafur Olafsson.


This Nintendo PlayStation signifies a significant moment in gaming history – the start of the rivalry between Nintendo and Sony. Nintendo unceremoniously announced at E3 1991 that instead of partnering with Sony it will be partnering with Philips instead. The project was then scrapped and Sony decided to build a console without Nintendo and the PlayStation was born.

Nintendo PlayStation

The Nintendo PlayStation was first revealed in 1991 and Sony is thought to have created 200 prototypes, with the aim that it will be a console that will support Nintendo game cartridges as well as CDs. All 200 prototypes were thought have been destroyed until now and Dnldbld says he will try to power up the machine to see what it can do.