God of War 3: Remastered hits PlayStation 4 today. The remaster brings with it brand new 1080p, 60 frames per second visuals, as well as a boost in textures with 4 times the texture resolution than before. This all means that the gore blood that we all thought looked amazing back on the PS3 will look 4 times better on the PS4. With all these added features, comes a photo mode that allows you to pause the scene you’re in, set up a camera, and take gruesome pictures of you degutting a Centaur. The game is everything we love from the series but prettier and more badass.


To celebrate the launch of the latest God of War 3: Remastered, we have put together our top 5: God of War moments for you to digest. These moments brought out the violent freak in all of us and made me feel like a revengeful maniac.

*Note: Possible spoilers may follow, as well as violent imagery not suitable for readers under the age of 18*

5. God of War Ascension – First 20 minutes

The opening of God of War Ascension gave us some insight to the franchise’s back story. As Gaia explained the birth of the world and creation of the Gods, we got a better understanding on what has been going on this whole time, and how everything came to be.

But the intro cinematic was not the highlight of the opening. Rather, seeing Kratos in chains, frustrated and restrained, gave us a hint to what was about to come, because no one chains up Kratos. The next 15 minutes of the first level saw us take down the great Titan, Hecatonchires, slowly, hand by hand. It was everything we love from a God of War title; bloody slices with Kratos’ blades, collapsing buildings, and epic action sequences.

4. God of War 3 – Kratos vs Cronos

The fight with Cronos in God of War 3 sees Kratos take down a Titan in all his Kratos ways. See that pimple over there? Well Kratos is going to pop it because it’s disgusting and because he can. He even gives Cronos a nail clipping as he rips his nails off his nail bed in one clean swoop.

The battle intensifies as Kratos then gets digested by Cronos, and obviously Kratos being Kratos won’t got down without a fight. Kratos then rips through Cronos’ stomach leaving his intestines exposed, and finishes him off. To think that you climbed all the way up him to reach Pandora’s Box way back when.

3. God of War – Fight with Ares

At the end of the original God of War you finally face off against Ares. With the power of the Gods granted by Pandora’s Box, you grow in size and face off against the now mutated, Ares in one epic battle of the giants.

As Ares falls, an explosion follows to put an end to the fight that has been leading up since the start of the game.

2. God of War 3 Helios loses his head.

In God of War 3 Kratos sets out to take down every God of Olympus once and for all. This means he is basically a serial killer with no compassion. One of the most iconic deaths in the game came from the fight with Helios. As the battle gets frustratingly harder thanks to the hordes of enemies that come at you, Helios cowers behind his guards.

Kratos gets so over his very fast, like that bad date where all you want to do is chuck a glass of wine at them. Kratos then loosens up his neck with a few stomps, and then decides that his head looks way better of his neck and rips it off with his bare hands. All in a day’s work for Kratos.

1. All the Hanky Panky

There is no doubt in our minds that Kratos is a lady’s man, which is strange after everything he is trying to accomplish because he killed his wife and all, you would think he would of gone celibate by now. But no, Kratos bonks every woman that flashes her nipples at him and he doesn’t care, there is no emotional attachment at all. He literally gets up, walks away and moves onto pulling an Ogre’s eye out.

The entire franchise has been filled with sex scenes. Although you don’t see much, rather just tap a few buttons, earn XP, and a trophy. You hear exactly what goes on all the time. Sex sells, and it has made out number one on our Top 5 moments in the God of War Franchise.

So there you have our favourite moments in the series. What do you love the most about God of War? We will have our full review ready in the coming days, so be sure to watch out for that.