Mortal Kombat X has some serious violence and gore and the Mortal Kombat X fatalities are insane! Check out our top 5:

Cassie Cage

Sergeant Cassandra Carlton “Cassie” Cage is a brand new character included in Mortal Kombat X and is the daughter of Mortal Kombat originals, Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade. She’s one of my favourite characters because she’s very feisty and cheeky and she seriously kicks ass!


She has two HECTIC fatalities –

  • The Bubble Head where she shoots both of her victim’s knee caps and head and places chewing gum over the bullet wound that balloons and explodes blood all over the place; and

Here’s how (PS4): Forward > Down > Back > Forward > Square.

  • My favourite one has to be the Selfie fatality where she snaps a selfie with her victim whose jaw is hanging from his/her face.

Here’s how (PS4): Down > Forward > Down > Back > Circle.

Mortal Kombat X Fatalities 1


As a Mortal Kombat klassic character, we were so excited to see this blade-wielding babe return and rip some opponents a new one. Princess Kitana comes from the realm of Edenia and is over 10 000 years old, but she sure doesn’t look or move like it!

Kitana has 2 very skilful fatalities:

  • Dark Fan-tasy is a Mortal Kombat X fatality that real stands out for me. In this fatality, Kitana throws two closed bladefans into her victim’s head and chest and then opens them. This causes the victim’s fingers to be sliced off first and then their heads and bodies are sliced and diced until only half a scalp and fingerless hands remain; and

Here’s how (PS4): Down > Forward > Back > Forward > Triangle.

  • Kitana seems to have a thing for slicing up hands and faces. With the Splitting Hairs fatality she cuts off her victim’s hands and then slices their heads into three pieces.

Here’s how (PS4): Back > Forward > Down > Down.


Mileena is another one of my favourite characters and she has some pretty gruesome and entertaining Mortal Kombat X fatalities. This clone of Kitana is so vicious and evil; it’s amazing! And she obviously hates Kitana so it is always fun to pit the two against each other.

Mileena has 2 vicious fatalities that might make your stomach turn:

  • Mileena loves to bite things and she sure has the mouth for it. One of her fatalities is called the Face Feast, which involves her ripping an opponent’s head clean off with her sais and then she literally feasts on the victim’s severed head; and

Here’s how (PS4): Down > Back > Down > Back > A

  • The Tasty Treat fatality is one of those Mortal Kombat X fatalities you don’t want to witness while you’re eating. Basically it involves Mileena mounting her opponent and eating him/her alive.

Here’s how (PS4): Forward > Back > Forward > Back > Y

Mortal Kombat X 3


Sub-Zero is a true Mortal Kombat legend and looks better than ever in Mortal Kombat X. He has cool new moves and powers and delivers crazy fatalities.

Sub-Zero’s two chilling Mortal Kombat X fatalities are:

  • The Chest Kold fatality involves basically breaking his victim in half after he has frozen him; and

Here’s how: Back > Forward > Down > Back > Circle

  • With the Bed of Ice fatality Sub-Zero throws his victim onto an ice spiked bed and jumps on him/her to push the spikes through the victim’s body. It’s really bloody and kind of satisfying to watch.

Here:s how: Down > Back > Down > Forward > Circle

Johnny Cage

We started off this list with a Cage and we’re ending it off with her patriarch. Johnny Cage, for me, is one of the characters you associate Mortal Kombat with. I was so excited to see what his Mortal Kombat X fatalities will be and I wasn’t disappointed:

  • With the Here’s Johnny fatality, Johnny Cage forces his hand into his victim’s back and then rips a hole right through him and peers through it saying “Heeeere’s Johnny“.

Here’s how: Back > Forward > Back > Forward > Square

Little Improv sees Johnny Cage tackling his victim to the ground and then smashing his face into the ground until it is completely mashed up.

Here’s how: Forward > Back > Forward > Forward

Drop us a comment with some of your favourite Mortal Kombat X fatalities.