If you feel like catching up on some screen time we’ve hooked you up with weekend movies to catch at Ster-Kinekor, Nu Metro Cinemas and DStv:

Ster-Kinekor and Nu Metro Cinemas


It’s Marvel, it’s superheroes and it’s Paul Rudd…Where can you go wrong? Ant-Man finally opens this weekend at Ster-Kinekor and Nu-Metro Cinemas and it is sure to be MASSIVE. Director, Peyton Reed is behind this new movie which sees con artist Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) find his inner strength to become a hero. Lang helps his mentor, Hank Pyn (Micheal Douglas) to protect the secret behind what makes the Ant-Man suit give its wearer powers.

Big Game

If you’re craving a bit of action and thrill during your weekend movies marathon, Big Game might just be the movie for you. In this thriller directed by Jalmari Helander, Air Force One suffers a terrorists attack and the US President (portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson) escapes to safety and ends up trapped in the wilderness in Finland.

Thina Sobabili (“The Two of Us“)

Why not throw a local film into your weekend movies mix? Thina Sobabili is set in Alexandra Township in Johannesburg, South Africa and was directed by Enest Nkosi. The movie  follows the lives of two siblings who only have each other. The movie is Zulu with English subtitles.


Man of Steel

Weekend Movies 10

Zach Snyder’s Superman movie sees Henry Cavil portray the Man of Steel. This time around Clark Kent aka Superman aka Kal El has to reveal his superhero identity in order to save Earth from invasion. Catch Man of Steel on Friday at 17:45 on DStv channel 106.


Weekend Movies 11

This classic, oscar-winning film is a must-watch in your weekend movies marathon. It is fun for the whole family and if you’re watching this again with your kids, you will definitely feel very nostalgic!

The Maze Runner

This week’s 8pm Sunday night movie is a goodie! Catch The Maze Runner at 20:00 on Sunday on DStv channel 101.