PC Gamers have fallen victim to bad PC ports over the last year. Sure when a massive triple-a title is revealed, it looks stunning and the developers boast on how great it will run on PC with added NVidia Gameworks and all that mumbo-jumbo. When the game releases though, it is ridden with bugs and causes chaos in the gaming industry, so much so that game sales get pulled from retail and Steam to prevent the title causing any more damage.


Meanwhile, console gamers are sitting in their comfy chair with a remote in their handS playing this said game with no issues. Now I am not saying that consoles do not come with launch bugs, but in the past these have been minor, like characters getting stuck, or the game crashing. Their textures load in all their resolution, their save stays uncorrupted, and their overall gameplay experience is unhindered with messy bugs.

Batman Arkham Knight is the latest game that has proven that no matter what you say over the dinner table, consoles still rule the industry, and no matter how powerful your PC is, most developers’ main focus is on that sleek PS4, or Xbox One tucked away in your TV Stand.

PCs are powerful, but at what cost? Developers tease you with games and their ability to run at 4K with all their added fancy features. Who in their current capacity can run GTA V in 4K on ultra-settings? Sure it is possible, but even the most die-hard PC gamers out there have graphics cards that can either run it at 4K on medium graphical setting, or at 1080p on ultra. My point is, developers throw all these features at PC gamers that they cannot use. Meanwhile you buy the game like Batman Arkham Knight on PC, you cannot use the fancy smoke Gameworks setting, because it requires a spaceship PC, and you get a shoddy port at the same time.

It took 12 people to create the hot mess that is Batman Arkham Knight on PC. With all the optimisation and tweaking that needs to take place for a PC game, who in their right mind thought that 12 people would make it? Clearly their focus was on console gamers, especially Sony’s PS4 where more people worked on the exclusive Scarecrow missions than the entire team behind the PC port. Still feel that those exclusive PC features are a system seller?

Batman Arkham Knight just put the cherry on top of the “PC Master Race” cake. Rocksteady showed that PC has gone from the best platform for great visuals and experiences, to the last thing on developers’ minds. Is it because of piracy, ease of development, sales, or do developers just feel that consoles are a better gaming platform? With more exclusive console titles being released, and stable, more reliable cross-platform games being the better experience on consoles, regardless of how fancy the paper moves on the ground. PC seems to be out of the spotlight as developers scrap together a sub-par experience that is just not good enough. It is not only a slap in the face to consumers, but it also shows that all that talk about how under-powered consoles are, and how PCs can outperform consoles, it is really worthless if you cannot even play a game.