Windows is the most used OS in the world, and with Windows 8.1 being the best so far, here are a few tips and tricks to make the most out of your PC.

Auto login to Desktop instead of start menu

Auto login

This will stop Windows from taking you to the Start Menu and take you to the Desktop instead

  • Right click on the toolbar – click properties
  • Under the navigation tab select start screen options – check the box “When I sign in or close all applications on a screen, go to the desktop instead of Start”.

Auto login without Password


There is nothing worse than powering on your PC in the morning while you go make some coffee, to come back and it’s at the login screen. Let it just boot up and load all those start-up programs so by the time you are back, you can just jump right into it.

  • Press Windows + R, type control userpasswords2, press enter.
  • Uncheck box “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”
  • In the Automatically Log On dialogue box, type your password, and click OK
  • Your PC will automatically login straight to the desktop now

Make sure you are up to date


It’s important to be up to date with Windows Updates, especially if you want to get in line for Windows 10 releasing later this month. Here is how to get the most out of your Windows Updates

  • Press Windows + F, type in Windows Update
  • Make sure you have set Automatically check for updates.
  • Scan for new updates and install them. This might take some time depending on your current state of updates.
  • Your PC might need a restart to install them completely, let it just do its thing.

Get in line for Windows 10

Windows 10

Once your Windows updates are up to date, you can reserve your copy of Windows 10 right now. NB: You need to be running a fully licensed copy of Windows 8.1 to enrol.

  • After Windows has completed installing your Windows updates, and rebooted your PC, you will find a Windows logo at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
  • Click on the logo and it will open up the Get Windows 10 tab.
  • Scroll through this tab and click on reserve copy at the end.
  • You will be asked to enter your Microsoft Account address to confirm the reservation
  • Once all that is done, all you have to do is wait until the end of July

Get the most out of your Windows Shortcuts

Honestly, that search bar is a mission to open, and run is the most important Windows app ever. Here are some shortcuts to get around your windows faster.

  • Windows + S – Opens Search Bar
  • Windows + R – Opens Run
  • F2 – Renames Object
  • Windows + Down Arrow – Closes App
  • Windows + Home – Minimises all open tabs
  • Shift + Delete – Permanently deletes selected item
  • Alt + Tab – Quickly Navigates through open tabs
  • F3 – Finds all files

Get your Start Menu backprograms

If you have failed to adapt to the life of the Windows 8.1 Stat Button, then there is a nifty little program called Classic Shell that will bring back the Windows, Vista, or even the classic menu back to your PC.

Configure options on the Star Menu

Instead of going all the way into the Start Menu to find something, you can control everything from the Start Menu.

  • Move your cursor over the Start Menu and right click
  • Here you will be able to go into Control Panel, Task Manager, Shut Down and Restart your PC, and even search.
  • It is very much the same as the old Windows Vista and 7 Start menu, but simplified.

Organise your Start Screen

Windows 8.1

You can arrange all your apps on the Windows Start screen into folders

  • Simply click on your Star Menu
  • From there right click on any blank space and select Name Groups
  • From there you can name and arrange any list of tiles, when you want to drag a tile to a new slot simply hold down left click and move it