These phrases might sound weird, but to geeks they are just everyday phrases used casually in conversation.


When an over-powered weapon or item gets modified by a patch or update which decreases is “O.P”, then it gets nerffed.

I hear that they are going to Nerf the Titan slam


A Phablet is a phone and a tablet in one. Something bigger than an iPhone 6, but smaller than an iPad – a perfect example being the iPhone 6 Plus.

“OMG, I love your new phablet”

iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6

Smartphone Dead Leg

When your leg goes dead from the prolonged use of your smartphone while sitting down.

“I suffered from smartphone dead leg after I got off the couch”


A humanoid who lives on the internet and spends his/her entire day commenting on posts just to irritate you and make you feel worthless.

“That guy is totally trolling your Insta feed”



Someone who always forgets to pack a charger when they go on holiday, or when they have a crappy battery in their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

“My best friend is extremely charger-challenged”



The fear caused by a massive unread email box.

“Getting back from vay-kay, but I know I will have inboxia”


When an in-game weapon or item is extremely over-powered that it just wrecks everything.

“The Gjallarhorn is super O.P; it is probably the best in the game ”



A buff can mean two things:

1) When an object in a game is weak and it gets patched to be stronger; or

“Its getting buffed, so it will be awesome soon”

2) A term used to describe a temporary increase in stats granted by an item consumed.

“I have a buff so we can get past that boss”


MVP means that you are the “most valued player”. It can also mean “minimum viable product”.

“Check out that player’s score, MVP!”mvp-hero-image


A business model used by programmers where they release a program for free in hopes that people will pay for the program at some stage.

‘WinRAR is freemuim software”