Windows 10 has been out for some time now and over 75 million people are running it on their devices. There are so many features on Windows 10 that you might have missed a few. Here are some of the best features on Windows 10 that will change the way you use the operating system:

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Windows 10 GodMode

The most important feature on this list is the ability to unlock a list of settings and tweaks that will allow you to customise every aspect of Windows 10. By unlocking GodMode, you’ll have access to every setting on Windows 10. There are over 200 settings in this feature that can be easily accessed through this icon on the desktop.

To create the GodMode icon, simply create a new folder on your desktop and name it the following: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

Press enter and the GodMode icon will appear.

Windows Phone Companion App

Windows 10 Phone Companion

Did you know that there is a dedicated phone companion app on Windows 10 that can sync your data on your Android, Windows Phone, and yes, even an iPhone? It seems that Microsoft stopped fighting the diversity and made a handy little app that lets you sort all your data on your phone in one organised place.

Simply enter “Phone Companion” into the search bar at the bottom and open the app. Here you will be guided through a tour of your phone connectivity support.

4 Windows 10 Screens

Windows 10 Hands On

If you are a hectic multitasker, one window is just not enough to get your work done. I used to use two by clicking and dragging to the end of the left and right of the screen, but Windows 10 allows you to have 4 windows open at the same time. These will be automatically resized for you too.

Drag your open window to the top left of the screen, then follow the same steps with your other open windows, but just using the other corners of the screen, this will allow you to have 4 open windows, perfectly sized and placed on your screen.

Make use of the virtual desktops

Windows 10 Task View

You can now spread your work across multiple desktops on Windows 10. You can also open windows across these virtual desktops and they will not interfere with your other desktops that you have running.

Click on the Task View button at the bottom of the taskbar, and click on the “+” button to create a new desktop. Click and drag open windows into your desktops to arrange them accordingly.

Switch to Tablet ModeWindows 10 Tablet Mode

Instead of forcing a tablet-designed Windows down our throat like Windows 8, Windows 10 allows you to switch between the dedicated tablet mode, and a fully fledged desktop Windows 10.

The modes look and feel the same, but one is more mouse and keyboard based, and the other is more touch screen based. Switching between them when using a tablet device, and a PC will make your life easier

Click on the notifications icon at the bottom right hand of the screen, and select Tablet Mode to enable the tablet version of Windows 10.

So there you have 5 tips for Windows 10. We will continue to provide you with more tips as we get to know the ins and outs of this new operating system.