It seems that Microsoft’s rollout of Windows 10 went off without a hitch. This is according to StatCounter as they have released the number of PCs currently running Windows 10, and that number is 53 million.

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Back in July, when Windows 10 rolled out, 8% of all internet traffic came from the downloading of the OS, which led it to hit 14 million downloads in less than 24 hours. Just over a week ago, this number was sitting on 27 million, and now today it has hit 53 million. It is just a matter of time before the download reaches the 100 million mark, making it the fastest OS rollout in history. According to Neowin, Windows 10 is being downloaded and installed at a rate of 1500 installs per second. Not only is Windows 10 taking over PCs around the world at a rapid rate, but it accounts for 4.95% of the market.