An upcoming Afrikaans movie, Dis Ek, Anna, has been classified by the South African Film and Publication Board as being “borderline pornographic“, City Press reports. The FBP has also slammed the movie about teenage sexual abuse with a 18LSV rating, despite the fact that there are no overly explicit sex scenes depicted in the Afrikaans movie.

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Dis Ek, Anna is based on a book by the same title by Anchien Troskie. The book is loosely based upon Trosksie’s traumatic childhood and centres around a girl named Anna Bruwer who murders her stepfather and sexual abuser. Dis Ek, Anna  as well as the sequel, Die Staat Teen Anna Bruwer have been prescribed books in South African schools for years. The movie had obviously also been intended to be shown to teenagers and is aimed at breaking the silence and the stigma which surrounds teenage sexual abuse. However, the FPB feels that this Afrikaans movie has a very strong psychological impact and that is why it has given it a 18LSV rating, going on to explain that:

We are very sensitive when it comes to scenes of sexual violence and abuse. This is due to the fact that South Africa has one of the highest rape stats and we are careful to ensure that younger audiences who have experienced a similar trauma are not retraumatised.