Bungie loves their fans, even though they keep Destiny’s new game features a secret and expect us to pay for the game. In this week’s weekly update, Bungie showcased the Destiny Year 1 Founder’s Fortune Pack that player will get if they have hit light level 30 by 31 August 2015, or they own both Expansion I and II.

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In order to claim the Founder’s Fortune Pack, you will need to have met the above requirements and have played the Taken King before 1 February 2016.

The rewards are as follows:

Brave Ghost Shell


Old Guard Shader

Destiny-VIP-Shader (1)

S-34 Ravensteel Sparrow


Be Brave Emblem


Destiny: The Taken King releases on 15 September 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360