Many little girls dream about become one of the Disney princesses. Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Snow White and Pocahontas seem to have it all. Disney also promised that each of these fair females will have a future that is filled with pretty dresses, a handsome prince and all the balls your feet can bear; they would live “happily ever after”.


Photographer, Dina Goldstein, created a series of photographs of the Disney princesses that are reimagined in a world that is more realistic and less fairy tale, cleverly entitled Fallen Princesses. The series is brilliantly executed and probably spot-on in predicting this realistic future for Disney princesses, but they are rather depressing compared to balls, servants, pretty dresses and castles.


I always knew that chick was drunk and that’s the real reason why she lost her shoe! Cinderella is an alcoholic who hangs out in dingy bars in this depressing Disney princesses future.Disney Princesses 1

Snow White

Snow White‘s love for multiple mini things has caused her to have a whole bunch of kids. Prince Charming clearly hates all of this and only drinks beer while his French Bulldog is feasting on spilled food on the floor. The place looks very untidy and dingy for a girl who used to be a domestic queen. Snow White‘s life has turned to shit basically.Disney Princesses 9


I think Rapunzel got it the worst in this Fallen Princesses series as she is struggling with cancer, which has caused her to lose her beautiful golden hair.

Disney Princesses 5Aurora

Aka Sleeping Beauty. It seems Aurora‘s Prince Phillip just wasn’t able to get her to wake up after all. This poor dude, in a The Notebook-kind of way, has stayed by her sleeping side until they’ve reached retirement.

Disney Princesses 4Belle

Who can really blame Belle for wanting to stay beautiful after she’s witnessed what Beast had to go through?

Disney Princesses 6Ariel

It’s like Splash all over! If the Disney princesses lived in a more realistic world, Ariel would’ve probably been captured and put into a theme park. Her marriage to Prince Eric would most certainly be annulled as well because she isn’t completely human.

Disney Princesses 7Jasmine

Jasmine doesn’t have time for silly things like romantic carpet rides in this Disney future. Jasmine is badass and will pop a cap in you. I love her pink camo outfit.

Disney Princesses 2Pocahontas

John Smith wasn’t that interested in Poccie after all. In this alternative future, Pocahontas ends up spending her weekends inside her wood cabin with her cats.

Disney Princesses 8