Executive Mayor of Tshwane, Kgosientso Ramokgopa announced that Tshwane residents will now have access to 3 core free WiFi services in Tshwane, one of which is a type of internet movie dive-in service, dubbed Drive In.

Tshwane 3

The other two new services that will be added are WiFi Voice and WiFi Chat. The city claims to be:

The first city in the world that offers free access to movies in this way.


The City of Tshwane partnered with Project Isizwe, a NPO in 2013 to launch its free WiFi project across Tshwane. The aim of the project was to bring a free WiFi hotspot within walking distance of ever Tshwane citizen.

Internet Movies

CEO of Project Isizwe, Alan Knott-Craig Jr explains the importance of internet access and how this project is promoting this:

We are enabling a whole new economy; a digital economy. All those entrepreneurs living in Soshanguve will get help with their marketing, to tweet things, start Web sites, sell things online. They can’t do it without the Internet and Tshwane makes it possible for them to get onto the Internet.

The project is currently sitting at 700 live free WiFi hotspots, which cover more than 95% of Tshwane’s health care facilities, buses, schools, curbs, etc and the service has had 720 000 unique users so far. The project aims to reach 1 158 free WiFi hotspots by the end of next year (2016).


About the 3 new services

Drive In will enable users to watch a selection of internet movies on their devices and laptops by visiting an area that offers free WiFi in Tshwane over weekends. There will initially be 30 movies to watch for free, with 10 new internet movies added every month.

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WiFi Voice allows users who are connected to one of the Tshwane WiFi hotspots to make unlimited free calls to each other and to the City of Tshwane customer care line.

WiFi Chat is a platform for users to receive information about the Tshwane WiFi services as well as a platform to provide the city with feedback and log complaints and queries.