Last November WhatsApp pissed off a lot of people by adding the now infamous WhatsApp blue ticks feature to its messaging app.


If you aren’t familiar with this feature, let’s break it down for you:

  • One grey tick: Your message has been sent but it hasn’t been delivered to the other person. This might be because that person doesn’t have signal or their phone is off.
  • Two grey ticks: The message has been delivered, but the recipient hasn’t read the message yet.
  • Two blue ticks: The recipient has read your message.

By swiping from right to left on a chat bubble you will also be presented with the specific times the message was delivered and read respectively.

You can disable Read Receipts or WhatsApp blue ticks, which means that others won’t be able to see when you read their messages and vice versa.

Here’s how:

Open the WhatsApp app on your iPhone > Settings (bottom right corner) > Account > Privacy > Toggle the Read Receipts off.

However, if you wish to still be able to see when other recipients of your WhatsApp messages read your messages, but don’t want them to know you’ve read there’s there is a little sneaky trick to get this right:

  • Once you’ve received a message > Go to your iPhone Settings (Gear Icon) > Switch to Airplane Mode;
  • Now you can read the message in WhatsApp without the blue ticks appearing once you switch out of Airplane Mode on your iPhone.
  • NB: Make sure to quit WhatsApp before you switch out of Airplane Mode, otherwise the blue ticks will appear as soon as you switch back out of Airplane Mode, defeating the whole process.

It is a bit of a hassle as you have to obviously do this with every message, but if you’re really desperate to be sneaky then it’s a great way to avoid awkwardness or maintain mystery.