The Xbox One has so much hidden potential that remains untapped. This is due to the fact that most of the features are hidden within the layers and layers of apps. I’m going to give you some tips on how you can get the most out of your Xbox One:

Cut Down Install Times


Games are gigantic these days, with some of them weighing in at 50GB. This means that they take a while to install when using a disc, but on the Xbox One they take even longer because while the game installs, it also downloads and applies updates. You can prevent this from happening while you install the game and let it download while you play by disconnecting your console from your network  while you install the game. This will keep the console from downloading any updates while you install the game, speeding up the installation process.

Make use of SmartGlass


The Xbox SmartGlass app lets you control your console from your tablet or smartphone. You can use the app to navigate your console, and even type into the console using your device’s keyboard. This saves time when redeeming codes on the Xbox One as those 25-character codes are a mission to enter with the Xbox One Controller

Customise Your Showcase


The Showcase is your personal platform to brag and show off anything you want on the Xbox One. If you earn an achievement that no one has, or finished a game before anyone else and want to rub it in their faces, then do so on the Showcase. You can pin achievements to the Showcase by viewing them on the Achievement app and then sharing them to your Showcase. You can also take screenshots and slap them on there too.

Send YouTube to your Xbox One

Get the Most Out of your Xbox One

You can make use of the YouTube app on the Xbox One to watch videos straight from your phone to the console. As long as your console and phone or tablet are connected to the same network, open up the YouTube app on your phone, and select the Cast-To option. This will open up the Xbox One YouTube app and start playing any videos you select on the app without the need to touch the Xbox One controller.

Know when your Console is on Standby

Many people have no idea when their console is actually off, or when it is on Standby. The power brick will show tell you. When the light on it is orange it is off, and you can unplug the console and move it. When the light is white, then you should refrain from unplugging the consoles as it is in low-power state and could be downloading game data.


If you want to power down your console so you can unplug it, then hold your finger down on the power button for 10 seconds. This will bypass your power settings on your console and turn it off without the worry of it going into standby mode.

Download all the Freebies


The Xbox One is full of great free games and apps that can really provide hours of entertainment. YouTube, Twitch, Warframe, Project Spark, Killer Instinct. Those are just a few of them that you can get right now. Always check back on the Apps section on the Xbox Live Store, as free apps release in your region, they are added there to download and use.