Windows 10 boasts that great feature of streaming your Xbox One games straight to your Windows 10 device. But so far this feature has been hindered with low-quality video output, freezing, and delay.

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We have a guide on how to improve your streaming, in case you ever make use of the feature. Here is how to improve your Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming.

Windows 10 Xbox App

Access the “very high” setting.

You can access a hidden setting that allows for a 12Mp/s 1920×1080 output to your Xbox One. This setting is hidden by default, probably to be introduced later in a system update. OomaThurman, not to be confused with the actress, gives us a run down over on Reddit.

  • Navigate to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.XboxApp_~~~~~~\LocalState folder.  Or just search for the folder using the search bar at the bottom of your Start Menu.
  • Look for the file that is called userconsoledata, and edit it in notepad.
  • Search for the line that says IsInternalPreview and set it to true.

You should be on your new 192×1080 streaming from now on.

Windows 10 Xbox App

How to fix other stability issues

You might come across another few issues when streaming your content, be it on high setting, or ultra high setting. Follow these steps to help improve your streaming:

  • Use a wired connection – This is a must for all network activity. There is no loss when using a wired connection, and it will be much more stable.
  • Use a 5GHz Wireless point – If you really cannot put your Xbox One on a wired connection, then try and stick to a 5GHz wireless device. This will give a transfer rate of up to 600 Mp/s. This will improve your visual streaming double what you are experiencing now.
  • Reduce wireless connectivity: Disconnect you phone from the Wi-Fi, and any other devices that might be accessing the network in the background. We do not know what goes on in the background of our phones and what exactly updates without our permission.
  • Move your Xbox One closer to your router – Again, if you are using a wireless configuration, you might have connections issues due to the signal strength between your two devices. Moving them closer to your router or vice-versa might just improve the loss of connection.

Overall all you need to make sure is that when you are streaming games to your PC, that it is the top priority on your network. It is quite a congestive feature that requires quite a bit of bandwidth to use, so make sure you have enough. If you are still running on a n router that des not support “n”, which means your transfer is limited to 150Mp/s, then maybe it is time to upgrade your device?