Moving data from your Android device over to an iPhone should not be hard, and it really isn’t if you have everything set up and ready to move across. There is a way to get every piece of data across to your new phone without any hiccups.

Before you start:

  • Make sure you know what you want to move across.
  • Clear up any unwanted photos, movies, contacts etc. This will help remove clutter on your new device.
  • Backup you device in case anything goes wrong.
  • Update all your apps and device software to the latest version. This applies on both devices.


One of the most important things about any device is your contacts. To get your contacts over to your iPhone is really simple. Naturally Android devices need a Gmail account to function properly, and thanks to this ability it also means that all your contacts are linked to that Gmail account in the cloud.

iOS to Android

Navigate to Settings > Accounts > Gmail, and tap on Sync Now, make sure the Contacts block is also ticked. Now your contacts will all be uploaded to your Gmail account ready to download to your iPhone. On your iPhone navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts, and Calendars > Add Account. Here you will enter your Gmail account details and it will verify them. Once this is done you will see the Contacts button, turn this on. Now all your contacts from your account which are uploaded instantly to Gmail, will be downloaded to your iPhone.

Another Route – My Contacts Backup –iOS/Android

My Contacts Backup is the best app for backing up your contacts on either an iPhone, or an Android Device. You basically back up your contacts and they all export into one VCF file, which is emailed to you. When you have set up your new device, you just download the app and use that VFC file to restore your contacts back onto your phone.

iOS to Android

Photos, videos, and music

Plugging your Android device into a PC and copying all your data to it is always the best option. Copy your photos and videos into a folder safe on your PC and arrange them and sort them accordingly. Once you are happy with that, boot up iTunes, plug in your iOS device and follow these steps.

  • Select your device on the top left of iTunes
  • Navigate to the Applications tab on iTunes
  • Find the app in which you want to copy the files to at the bottom of the Applications tab
  • Click on upload
  • Now just navigate through your PC to the files that you want to move across and click done



  • Click on the “add file to library” under “file” on iTunes.
  • Navigate to you MP3 files and click done.
  • iTunes will now have all your music added to its library and when you sync your iPhone, it will all copy across to your device.
  • Continue to do the same for all you music files, or just sign in to Apple Music, it is seriously the best.

Photos Tab

  • If you want pictures and videos, then you can navigate to the photos tab on iTunes.
  • Click on “Select Folder”, now choose the folder that you want to include in the sync, and then click sync.
  • iTunes will now sync all the photos and videos that were included in the folder you chose to your device.
  • To remove these, simply plug your phone back into iTunes and remove the folders from the selection you made before.


Another Route

Another way to transfer data like photos and videos is to use third-party applications like Dropbox and OneDrive. Downloading these apps will allow you to upload your devices data to a cloud and then download them again on the same app on the new device.

The rest is simple

Any social media apps will just need to be downloaded again on your new device and all you will need to do is just sign into the app to log in.

Remember that just like Android, iOS has an app for everything that you used before, be it PDFs, Microsoft Office files, or even FLV videos. Using iTunes to copy these files across by navigating to the Applications tab, scrolling to the bottom, and making use of the manual uploading function, will make your transition much easier.