One of our all-time favourite franchises from back in the PlayStation 2 days might just be getting a sequel, and a pretty looking one at that.

Although the game has not been officially revealed, and might have just been started and scrapped, this concept art gives us hope that we will soon be able to play another Jak and Daxter game. The concept art shows off an older Jak, much more rugged and mature than his appearance in the last game of the franchise, Jak and Daxter 3. We can also see that the environments are much more expansive than before. There has been no sign of Daxter, whom is Jak’s side-kick, so we will leave what he would look like, up to your own imagination.

As we know Naughty Dog, the studio behind the Jak franchise, have had their hands full with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and The last of Us over the past few years. We can only just hope that Jak 4 is the next title in the pipeline.

Jak-and-Daxter-4-Concept-Art-from-Scribble-Pad-Studios-5 (1) Jak-and-Daxter-4-Concept-Art-from-Scribble-Pad-Studios-4 Jak-and-Daxter-4-Concept-Art-from-Scribble-Pad-Studios-3 (1) Jak-and-Daxter-4-Concept-Art-from-Scribble-Pad-Studios-2 Jak-and-Daxter-4-Concept-Art-from-Scribble-Pad-Studios-1